The Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE)

Reporting to the Minister for the Economy, Finance and the Recovery, the Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE) designs and implements public policies that contribute to business development.

Its activities are central to the government’s efforts to transform France’s economy. Its remit includes assignments that are sector-based (industrial policy, digital regulation and infrastructure rollout, policies to support the craft industry, trade, services and tourism) and cross-cutting (regulatory streamlining, innovation policy) as well as those relating to the country’s digital and ecological economic transformation.

Our organisation

Against a backdrop of heightened international competition, businesses are facing major challenges.

To assist them, the government has to constantly renew its means of intervention and must be able to marshal new skills rapidly. As part of this, in a bid to boost its operational capacities, in September 2019 the DGE revamped its organisation, introducing an innovative, project-based approach.

A project-based mode at central level

A project approach was implemented throughout the Directorate.

The new organisation distinguishes between:

  • Structural assignments (sector and regulatory monitoring, administrative supervision, coordination of the government's regional Economic Departments, etc.).
  • High-impact assignments performed in project mode (management of strategic plans, structuring of industrial offerings in connection with the various sectors, design of new public policy instruments, organisation of major national and international events, etc.).

Within the departments, each division is responsible for a portfolio of structuring projects within its sphere of action. Project teams are led by project managers, a new role introduced as part of reorganisation efforts. Staff are provided with in-house training and coaching aimed at promoting new work methods that harness the potential of digital tools, and at developing a culture of impact. The position of assistant has been eliminated at all levels and memos are now paperless to speed up decision-making.

The DGE’s transformation signals a fundamental change in the administration’s work culture, which is now aimed at making management more responsive, more effective and more operational. These innovations enable the Directorate to offer a stimulating work environment and a high level of responsibility to its employees, who are given the chance to develop their skills.

Our departments

In addition to a Secretariat General providing administrative support, the DGE comprises:

  • The Industry Department
  • The Digital Economy Department
  • The Tourism, Commerce, Craft Industries and Trades, and Services Department
  • The Competitiveness, Innovation and Business Development Department
  • The Economic Strategic Intelligence and Security Department

A network closely aligned with the needs of companies

To implement government policy as close as possible to the local level, the DGE draws on a network of decentralised departments within the Regional Directorates for Enterprises, Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs, Labour and Employment (DIRECCTEs).

Within the Business, Employment and Economy Units, the government’s regional Economic Departments (SeEr) carry out assignments relating to economic development, which are broken down into three main actions:

  • Support for the region’s strategic sectors
  • Coordination of regional innovation policy and the digital transformation of businesses
  • Preventing difficulties and restructuring industrial companies

Staff in the Consumer Units who are tasked with legal metrology policies provide supervision for the inspection of regulated measuring instruments, in the interests of consumer protection and fair trade practices.

The DGE’s commitment to gender diversity and equality in the workplace

Gender diversity and equality in the workplace are important issues for the DGE. On 9 March 2020, the DGE signed the Ministry’s 2020–2022 plan for gender equality in the workplace. Wanting to go further, it has also committed to a number of ambitious measures, the majority of which concern all employees and are designed to promote gender equality throughout the Directorate. The plan includes concrete measures such as hiring replacements for parental leaves and setting Directorate-wide objectives for gender balance in appointments to ensure equal access to management positions.ent.

The DGE’s action plan (in french only)

How to find us

The DGE’s central departments are divided amongst four sites:

  • Grand Bercy:
    • 139, rue de Bercy, Paris 13
    • 61, Boulevard Vincent Auriol, Paris 13
    • 6, Rue Louise Weiss, Paris 13
  • Ivry: 67 Rue Barbès, Ivry sur Seine (94)

By the end of 2020, the offices in Ivry will be relocated to the Grand Bercy area.