Message from Axelle Lemaire and André Vallini - 24/06/2016



The African countries face immense challenges in the form of reducing extreme poverty and inequalities amid galloping demographic growth. In particular, young people have a greater need for information, resources and experience to fully take up pathways to personal and professional success. The digital economy brings hope and future prospects to these young people, who are a decisive asset to their country due to their ability to quickly take on board digital tools and uses.

The digital economy offers considerable opportunities to take up these challenges by reducing transaction and coordination costs, generating interpersonal connections, reducing data collection, analysis and dissemination costs, and facilitating innovation. The fast-growing, job-creating digital sector is also a driver for greater efficiency in all areas of human activity: in administration and business, in agriculture, trade, urban development, health, education, training, the media, the financial sector, and energy supply. As a cross-cutting source of innovation, the digital economy generates new uses everywhere and helps transform economic, societal and political models.


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