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Aston iTrade Finance (English) - 17/11/2015

ASTON iTF puts Big Data to work for Fin Tech. Our IT solutions for rating, hedging and real-time financing are revolutionising the world of Business Financing 2.0. Our goal is to provide businesses of every size with easy access to short-term financing.

IA-LIB - 17/11/2015

Qucit is developing an AI application to manage shared vehicle solutions (along the lines of Vélib, Autolib and car rental companies) to detect breakdowns faster and to provide real-time optimisation for system balancing.

ELLIS-Car (English) - 17/11/2015

The Data Driven Company, a startup launched in April 2014 by Jonathan and Patrick Bibas, is marketing the Ellis-Car, an innovative solution for gathering and analysing Big Data from the automotive industry. Ellis-Car helps local authorities and businesses to manage their fleets of vehicles efficiently. The unique combination of application solutions and embedded systems helps lower costs, reduce environmental impact and increase safety in every type of vehicle (passenger cars, HGVs, and so on).

Snips (English) - 17/11/2015

Snips is a startup that specialises in predictive modelling for cities. Using contextual and geo-location data, we are able to measure, understand and predict behaviour in cities, and in this way help customise and improve citizens' daily lives.

C-Radar (English) - 17/11/2015

C-Radar wants to assemble part or all data available on the majority of the world's businesses and create a single tool for processing it. The goal is to create a magnet for market analysts and B2B stakeholders, and a database that is uniquely useful.

NCI / Neoledge Cinema International (English) - 17/11/2015

Neoledge is a project that is in its final incubation stage, with support primarily provided by Financière de Loisirs. Our goal is to give meaning and relevance to Big Data to analyse consumer markets, to create and use economic indicators supplying extensive coverage of the markets in question in real-time, to combine a full range of data flows from the Internet, media and marketing sources, and supply this data in a visually attractive and easy-to-use form. A proof-of-concept study was conducted in France and is now available in English-speaking countries.

Big Data for professional sports - 17/11/2015

Mac-Lloyd offers cutting-edge technologies in the area of professional sports, including motion sensors, video analysis and intelligent processing of Big Data by machine learning. Our innovations are based on vertical R&D that extends from microchips to the development of end-user software. Our clients include some of the biggest names in sports, including the Paris Saint-Germain football club, New Zealand's Hawke's Bay Magpies rugby team and France's National Institute of Sport and Physical Education (INSEP).

BANKCARE (English) - 17/11/2015

Anatec is a startup that is strongly focused on technological innovations connected to personal finances. Its technical solutions have to do with using applied mathematics, statistical learning and Big Data to automate investment management. The BankCare project, which was an Innovation 2030 winner, offers a breakthrough innovation by providing unparalleled disintermediation and optimised, highly-customised management of personal savings.

PRECOGS (English) - 17/11/2015

PRECOGS - a french start-up - has developed, based on "Big Data" technologies and  proprietary predictive analytics, a platform which detects/anticipates, by aggregating large informations across external datas (suppliers, distributors, past histories, statistics etc) and internal datas (company ERP), potential supply chain risks/shortages and purchasing prices discrepancies. PRECOGS has been recognized as one of the top 50 startups driving the data revolution by the CeBIT 2014.

HeyCrowd (English) - 17/11/2015

HeyCrowd is a startup focused on smart phone surveys, offering a community-based iOS application in which the questions are asked by the users. With 250 million opinions gathered, 600,000 users and more than 800,000 surveys created, HeyCrowd is a sector leader. This mass of data makes HeyCrowd a key player in the study of opinions and trends in certain demographic segments, including young people and populations in emerging countries, who are particularly active on cell phone networks.


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