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C-Radar - phase 2 (English) - 20/11/2015

Data Publica is one of the pioneers of open data and big data in France. Since 2014, the company has been concentrating on the C-Radar solution. C-Radar is looking to become the world’s leading smart predictive marketing tool in B2B and corporate information. It is based on two new options that disrupt the corporate data market: 

GERONEPH - phase 2 (English) - 20/11/2015

PlugMed designs, develops and manufactures osseointegrated connectors that transfer electricity or fluids through the skin with fewer infection risks.

Binaural Hearing Aids (English) - 19/11/2015

3D Sound Labs is a startup based in Rennes which specialises in processing spatialized audio signals and which is set to market 3D audio headphones with motion sensors for the video, gaming and music markets. We are also working on a breakthrough project for using these 3D audio technologies to improve hearing aid performance levels. With this project, we were one of the winners of the Innovation 2030 Worldwide Innovation Challenge for the silver economy strategic goal.

WANDERCRAFT (English) - 19/11/2015

Wandercraft is developing an innovative exoskeleton that will transform the daily lives of people with mobility issues and the elderly. The exoskeleton allows users to get up and sit down, remain stable and walk at a normal speed without assistance or crutches. Its intuitive use helps wearers regain their autonomy and live a normal life.

CATHARSIS (english) - 19/11/2015

IRLYNX designs and sells optoelectronics systems for advanced detection and characterisation of the activity of human beings. This high-tech start-up, based in Grenoble, offers interactive systems manufacturers new opportunities to capture and understand the actions of their users at a lower cost, providing them with new interactive uses and services.

Soft Food (English) - 19/11/2015

The project involves developing texture-modified dishes for dependent people who have problems swallowing and chewing. The novelties are the 3D shape of the original foodstuff, the smooth texture that keeps it warm, a preservation process compliant with the standards of public undertakings, and prices in line with public procurement targeting a broad audience and not just the wealthy.

BUDDY (English) - 19/11/2015

Blue Frog Robotics designs and sells affordable robots for assistance and entertainment. Its first product is called Buddy, a small 50cm mobile and interactive companion robot that is operated using a tablet. It can take care of the elderly, play with children and even keep adults amused.

WIG (Where is Granny) (English) - 19/11/2015

WIG is a new generation of smart bracelet that classifies and measures the wearer’s physical activity. Its differs from widely available sports bracelets in that it is designed specifically for the daily lives of senior citizens, from active people in perfect health to those who are vulnerable and who are losing their autonomy.

REHAB e-NOVATION (English) - 19/11/2015

The GENIOUS Group and the ICM are set to roll out an innovative digital therapy project for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

The aim is to provide innovative, effective and fun rehabilitation instruments for use in the home or in institutions.

Cohesio Digital (English) - 19/11/2015

The Cohesio Digital project is led by La Poste with the support of its flourishing and innovative umbrella ecosystem.

The goal is to help the elderly in their daily lives at home, and to combat solitude. The project provides home help service providers with access to a wide target audience whilst the elderly can easily find high quality and reassuring services which meet their needs. 


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