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IGT (English) - 20/11/2015

The aim of the IGT programme is to develop a generic method for the production of lentiviral gene therapy vectors to target industrial uses. The process should enable scaling up to several hundreds of litres in a culture medium. It should be robust, reproducible and transferable under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and provide economies of scale. As a result, capacity is expected to rise by a factor of 400 by increasing the number of doses produced per cycle, whilst cutting production time.

EPIGENETIX (English) - 20/11/2015

PicoSeq is a biotechnology startup based in Paris. It develops technologies for the genetic and epigenetic analysis of DNA and RNA including SIMDEQ TM (SIngle-molecule Magnetic DEtection and Quantification).

3DprintOs (English) - 20/11/2015

Also a phase 1 winner, OsseoMatrix designs and manufactures tailored bioceramic implants to compensate for critical amounts of bone loss from craniomaxillofacial, dental and orthopaedic trauma. The 3DprintOs project allows for the treatment of bone loss with patient-specific synthetic bone mineral. The implants are designed from patients’ scans and manufactured using a proprietary 3D printing process for the direct shaping of biological ceramics. The implants perfectly fit the patient’s anatomy and have porous channels programmed to guide cellular growth inside the material.

SMARTT-E-Patch (English) - 18/11/2015

Rhenovia Pharma is an SME based in Mulhouse. It was set up in 2007 by four experienced researchers (two academics and two from the manufacturing sector) who are interested in combating central nervous system disorders. Our project hopes to scale up one of our technological inventions to industrial level. It is a small transdermal intelligent patch that incorporates an electronic chip and other technological tools for monitoring dosages and treatment lengths. It can be programmed for seven days and is renewable. Its economic potential has been estimated at several billion euros per year.

INSPECT (English) - 18/11/2015

Inserting a stent is the standard treatment to prevent a heart attack triggered by coronary disease. Instent is developing an intelligent stent that can assess and communicate the state of the blood vessel being treated; this allows for distant and non-invasive monitoring of patients. The physician can thus customise the treatment to prevent future complications and prevent re-blocking of the vessel that would bring on a heart attack.

Corsin (English) - 18/11/2015

Proteor SAS is focused on compensating physical disabilities. It is the leading company in France for treating scoliosis with corsets. The Corsin project involves perfecting tools for analysing the spinal column and for simulating its behaviour under constraint. These tools will make it possible to design intelligent scoliosis corsets so that each patient can benefit from a customised strategy to correct pathologies such as scoliosis and lumbago.

PhageX (English) - 18/11/2015

PhageX is developing eligobiotics – innovative active agents to eliminate harmful bacteria in an extremely targeted manner while leaving the rest of the microbiome untouched. One of the strengths of eligobiotics is their ability to eliminate antibiotic-resistant bacteria in cases where current solutions are ineffective. The proofs-of-concept were validated in-vivo on mice infected with Staphylococcus aureus; now, PhageX wants to expand its antibacterial arsenal to gain access to new markets and applications, including therapeutic, industrial and cosmetic.

SURGIMAGE-3D (English) - 18/11/2015

Surgivisio is developing a 3-D imaging system for use in operating theatres, and which is entirely integrated with surgical navigational technologies (spinal column, trauma surgery, etc.). The system will allow for optimised and minimally-invasive interventions with as few x-rays as possible. The innovation on offer in the Surgimage-3D project essentially concerns applications covering control, 3-D image calculation and data merging in order to provide benefits in terms of precision, speed and ease-of-use for both the surgeon and the operating theatre staff.

AAA - Advanced Augmented Arthroscopy (English) - 18/11/2015

A3 Surgical, a startup created in 2011 and managed by Laurence Chabanas and Stéphane Lavallée, is specialised in computer-assisted hip arthroscopy. This minimally-invasive surgical technique is flourishing, but remains a complex procedure that is difficult to carry out with precision and in a customised manner. A3 Surgical is developing tools to help surgeons plan their interventions in advance in order to achieve the best result possible for each patient.

Valvopulse (English) - 18/11/2015

Five percent of those over 65 suffer from heart valve disease, which, if not treated, is fatal in 50–70% of cases. Valvular heart diseases are treated by open-heart surgery. For patients at high surgical risk, the alternative is percutaneous valve replacement, with the added risk of a stroke occurring during the intervention. Valvopulse has developed a groundbreaking innovation for treating valvular heart disease using focused ultrasound, which is completely non-invasive and can be carried out on a beating heart.


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