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Alg&You (English) - 20/11/2015

Alg&You is an innovation agency working on the technological advances required for the emergence of a spirulina and edible micro-algae sector. As sources of vegetable proteins and essential nutrients, when eaten fresh, these micro-algae are also tasty ingredients. As they can be grown using little water, energy and space, there is a positive environmental impact.

BRASSERIE DULION (English) - 20/11/2015

Brasserie Dulion designs, manufactures and installs industrial solutions for the thermal processing of liquids and semi-liquids with biocatalysts using an innovative and patented technology.

Move2Chem (English) - 20/11/2015

The Move2Chem project is led by Veolia Environnement, in partnership with SAS Pivert and Sofiprotéol. It aims to develop a system for the recovery of effluent and waste from the agribusiness sector, by converting them into chemical molecules used to create new materials and products. Move2Chem therefore creates a circular economy model in which carbon can be reused to produce new materials, thereby conserving fossil resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

BOB (English) - 20/11/2015

Bioraffinerie Optimisée Biométhodes

Biométhodes is a leading provider of bio-refineries technology to replace oil with non-food biomass to produce advanced biofuels and “biosourced” chemical compounds. The nascent bioeconomy is plagued by competition between industrial and food uses for access to plant resources. The goal of Biométhodes’ project is to overcome this through developing biotechnologies that recover energy from non-food resources (straw, stalks, wood).

CELLPRO (English) - 19/11/2015

Chamtor, the starch-glucose producer of the Vivescia cooperative group, which is based in north-eastern France, transforms and processes 450,000 tons of wheat per year. Its expertise lies in the fractionation of wheat using an enzymatic hydrolysis process to produce starch, glucose, proteins and derivatives. Chamtor’s commitments to its industrial customers operating in the agri-food, paper-cardboard and fermentation industries are illustrated by the quality and traceability of its products, and by the fact that it is “Origine France Garantie”-certified.

Drop2Feed (English) - 19/11/2015

The Drop2Feed project is part of the Soufflet Group Research Department’s innovation strategy in the food and agriculture sectors. It is aimed at developing a new generation of natural additives for animal feed. At present, available additives contain microbial enzymes to improve the digestibility of cereals by farm animals.


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