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Trisur (English) - 18/11/2015

Ultra-high-speed solids sourcing

Refining processes that purify and convert petroleum fractions into clean fuels are based on high-tech materials –catalysts which accelerate the chemical reactions at the heart of these processes. These catalysts consume between two and seven percent of the annual global production of strategic metals such as cobalt, molybdenum and tungsten. After use, catalysts can be processed and reused, or recycled.

NIREA (English) - 18/11/2015

"Making the recycling of electronic boards a part of the circular economy"

Bigarren Bizi has created a unique process for recycling printed circuit boards, known as NireaTM. This new patented technology can extract precious metals – gold, silver, copper, tantalum, along with polymers – and thus tap into the added value of urban landfills.


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