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Network connected campsites "HIP VILLAGE" - 06/07/2016

Christine BLANC, Chairwoman of HIPVillage.



HIPvillage is a new chain of camp sites and the first franchisees will be audited during the inaugural season. They will be sent tips so that, during each annual inspection, they comply with their commitments for changing and improving the standard of their establishments.

"Galeries Lafayette" store in Nice-Masséna - 06/07/2016

Jacques SISO, Store manager of the Galeries Lafayette in Nice-Masséna.


Our Nice store has significant foreign customer footfall and, since 2008, it has had an international marketing department that works to best meet the needs of the département’s tourist clientele as well as with the market’s main players. We were looking to enhance the measures taken for tourists and to continue to promote both tourism and shopping.

National Maritime Museum of Rochefort - 23/06/2016

Philippe MATHIEU, Administrator of the Musée National de la Marine de Rochefort.


Chateau and Estate of Chambord - 23/05/2016

Frédérique POISSON, in charge of tourism development of the National Estate of Chambord.


The Chateau and Estate of Chambord is an outstanding masterpiece and a UNESCO world heritage listed site since 1981. This world symbol of the French Renaissance attracts some 1.5 million people every year, with nearly 800,000 visiting the chateau.

The estate has a long-standing priority to continuously improve its visitor facilities.

Castle of Saint-Mesmin - 21/04/2016

Caroline Torres-Frometa, Director of the Château de Saint-Mesmin.


Earning Qualité Tourisme™ certification for the Château de Saint Mesmin – a 14th-century listed historical castle that is currently being restored – was quite a challenge!

With support from the Deux-Sèvres Tourism Development Agency (ADT), our certification approach primarily focused on providing a better welcome for visitors.

For reasons to apply for certification:

Restaurant Aux Anges - 21/10/2015

Marco & Anabelle Vigano, proprietors

The Restaurant Aux Anges opened its doors in 2005, and was awarded the Qualité Tourisme™ label in 2012.

Marco, the restaurant's chef, has trained in the finest restaurants and is eager to display his talents. His creations are a subtle, surprising blend of Italian influences and French classics.

His wife Annabelle offers guests a warm welcome. Like a gracious Italian hostess, she and her young team do their best to put them at ease.

Royal Château at Blois - 21/10/2015

Virginie Duplaix, head of the Reservation and Information Department and contact person for the Qualité Tourisme™ certification process

Long before it was awarded the Qualité Tourisme™ label in 2010, the Royal Château at Blois had been addressing its quality process, and we were already well aware of the need to focus our efforts on visitor reception and comfort.

The guidelines were an excellent tool, and helped us as we planned refurbishment efforts, introduced working procedures and honed our skills.

Musée Basque et de l’histoire de Bayonne - 21/10/2015

Jean-Claude Larronde, Chair of the Musée Basque Joint Association

Over the past year, in an effort to enhance its image by publicising its quality commitments, the Musée Basque underwent the Qualité Tourisme certification process. However, what the museum accomplished went far beyond a mere communication campaign.

What the process really entailed was examining the quality of visitor reception from every angle, seeking an outside point of view about the museum and its operation, and striving to better meet the needs of the general public.

The Mining History Centre (Lewarde city) - 17/07/2015

Testimonial from Karine SPRIMONT, Head of Communications and Outreach at the Mining History Centre


Qualinat - 07/07/2015

Arnaud LENGIGNON, Nature Qualinat guide


I was given the right to display the Qualité Tourisme™ logo under the Qualinat certification process. It lends credibility to the profession of nature guide, and builds trust among tourists who are taking part in a nature tour.

Our profession is a new one, and the Qualité Tourisme™ brand helps boost the general public’s recognition of what we do.


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