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Frequently Asked Questions


The official Qualité Tourisme™ trademark is designed to guarantee that you always enjoy the very best of French hospitality and tourist services.

The trademark stamps a single seal of approval on customer satisfaction quality approaches taken by hotels, holiday residences, holiday villages, campsites, restaurants, cafés and bars, holiday home rental agencies, tourist information centres, tourist attractions, and sports and leisure activities.

It gives you a hallmark you can trust in to choose establishments with quality services.


2 - Why choose the QUALITE TOURISME™ brand?

The Qualité Tourisme™ brand covers the entire tourism chain as your guarantee of quality throughout your holiday: accommodation, catering services, tourist attractions, sports and leisure activities, tourist information centres, etc. So you can plan your holiday safe in the knowledge of quality you can depend on.

Qualité Tourisme™ professionals put your satisfaction first:

  • A warm welcome
  • Helpful staff
  • Foreign languages spoken
  • Personal service
  • Clear, accurate information
  • Cleanliness and comfort
  • Destination information
  • Your opinion counts


3 - Is QUALITE TOURISME™ a label?

Qualité Tourisme™ is not a label. It is a trademarked brand that stamps a single seal of approval on all thorough, effective customer satisfaction quality approaches taken by tourism professionals.

It is there to help you, as the customer and the tourist, choose establishments with quality services.


4 - Where can you find QUALITE TOURISME™ establishments?

Establishments awarded the Qualité Tourisme™ trademark display a plaque at their entrance. They are also listed in the Qualité Tourisme™ search engine.


5 - Why is the QUALITE TOURISME™ brand officially approved?

Only the government can lay down a common benchmark for all the tourism sectors and rally all professionals to improve the quality of French hospitality and tourist services.


6 - Who checks the establishments?

The mystery visits are conducted by specialized independent firms (unconnected with the inspected establishments).

All establishments displaying the Qualité Tourisme™ trademark are inspected by an external independent firm at least once every three years. The services provided to customers are assessed based on the targets defined in the quality approach. This external audit is your guarantee of objectiveness.

It gives you:                                  

  • A brand you can trust,
  • Continuous service improvement,
  • Qualité Tourisme™ brand credibility.


7 - What is the difference between Qualité Tourisme™ and the star rating?

The link between the Qualité Tourisme™ brand and the star rating is simple: establishments must have at least a one-star rating to apply for Qualité Tourisme™ accreditation.

  • Star rating is a reliable indicator of an establishment’s level of comfort and services, rated mainly on the basis of material criteria. Although it is not compulsory, a star rating is a coveted classification (96% of hotel rooms were star rated in 2014).
  • Qualité Tourisme™ brand accreditation is a voluntary approach to hospitality and service quality that puts the customer’s needs first. It rounds out the star rating with a higher quality ranking. Establishments are systematically checked for quality by mystery inspectors to give customers a sound guarantee of quality.



8 - What does “customer care” mean?

Customer care means systematically handling and analysing complaints and having a satisfaction questionnaire for customers to fill in. This is a basic requirement of the Tourism Quality Plan, which places the customer top of the list of the professional’s concerns.

  •  Complaints handling and analysis

All establishments displaying the Qualité Tourisme™ trademark are required to have a customer complaints procedure.

This procedure serves both customers and operators:

- Customers know their opinion counts.

- Operators review their services’ dysfunctions and take corrective action.

  •     Satisfaction survey

All establishments displaying the Qualité Tourisme™ trademark are required to have a satisfaction survey for operators to assess customer satisfaction.


9 - How to give your opinion on a Qualité Tourisme™ establishment?

You can leave your opinion about an establishment on the detailed files listed in the Qualité Tourisme™ search engine. This module will be available in July 2015: a little patience!


10 - How can I give feedback on Qualité Tourisme™ establishments?

You can fill out a satisfaction questionnaire via the factsheets on each individual establishment available from the Qualité Tourisme search engine. These questionnaires will not be published on the website Quality Tourism. To find out more about this satisfaction questionnaire, click here.



Crédits-photos : © Atout France/Robert Palomba


Tourism professionals are committed : 

  • A warm welcome
  • Attentive staff
  • Foreign languages spoken
  • Customized services
  • Accurate and practical tourist information
  • Guaranteed cleanliness and comfort
  • Exploring a new destination
  • Your reviews taken into account


Qualité Tourisme™ : nearly 5,500 establishments are displaying the Qualité Tourisme™ trademark to give you service excellence.

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