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IMPULSE’AO (English)

Led by Adionics, the IMPULSE’AO project (DESALAO during phase 1) is rolling out AquaOmnes®, a disruptive water deionisation/desalination technology to allow Water for All. It will halve the cost of seawater desalination and provide a cost-effective and selective solution for treating water with high salinity (brine). The IMPULSE’AO project will enable the technology to be tried and tested on seawater in real conditions prior to largescale business development.

Owing to its expertise in a number of areas ranging from the molecule to industrial processes, Adionics designs and produces eco-technologies with considerable added value for saltwater treatment. Its cross-cutting approach allows it to design disruptive technologies that represent substantial progress on energy and/or environmental issues. Its motto is “La simplicité par la maitrise” (simplicity through expertise).




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