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DESALAO (English)

DCNS creates high-tech solutions in the areas of naval defence and energy (civil nuclear power and renewable marine energies) as well as for sustainable prospecting and use of marine resources. DCNS seeks to explore every area in which precise control of the marine environment is required, particularly markets connected with the exploration and extraction of resources. These new areas require expertise in various specialties that are a part of DCNS's 'DNA" – equipment safety, expertise in mechanical and electronic assemblies, and an understanding of the constraints of the underwater environment. For the seed phase, DCNS proposes to carry out, in conjunction with its partners, initial studies for an Innovative Boring/Coring System (SISCA) for deep-sea beds in order to carry out underwater mining exploration.



Project leaders :
Raphaël Goletto, Damien Demoor and Béatrice Nicolas-Meunier



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