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The Product Contact Point (PCP)

What is the PCP ?

Each EU Member State has a Product Contact Point (PCP) set up under Regulation (EC) No. 764/2008 to ensure that the principle of "mutual recognition" is duly applied. Under this principle, all products lawfully marketed in an EU country can be freely marketed in the other Member States unless they compromise essential public interest requirements such as the health and safety of individuals. In France, the PCP is part of the Directorate General for Competitiveness, Industry and Services (DGCIS), a department of the Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Industry.

What does it do ?

At the request of an economic operator or a competent authority of another Member State, the PCP provides, within fifteen days, national information on:

  • the principle of mutual recognition and its application;
  • regulations applying to the products;
  • the requirement of prior authorisation for marketing products.



Download the PCP presentation sheet (in french)

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