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The Testimonies

Laurent RIGAUD, Energy storage


Farouk TEDJAR, Recycling of metals


Jean-Louis ETIENNE, Development of marine resources



Michel GUERARD, Plant proteins


Antoine PAPIERNICK, Personalised medicine


Rand HINDI, The Big data


Rodolphe HASSELVANDER, Silver economy








President & Co-Founder of Coldway










«In this area, France holds a number of winning cards with large worldwide companies but also a network of small innovative businesses. »





President & Founder of Recupyl


«Recycling metals is a major challenge for the future because supply is limited but demand for them is increasing.»





Doctor & Explorer

« The marine environment is like a vast, untapped store of wealth that calls for greater exploration. »







Michelin-starred Chef

« One day we’ll run out of animal protein, so we need to find substitutes.»





Associate Partner at Sofinnova Partners

«We can state that France is home to many biotech companies developing personalised medicine solutions.»





Founder & CEO of Snips

« French government support for Big Data technology means that entrepreneur can thrive and test ideas that might never have made it off the drawing board. »






Executive Director at CRIIF

« The elderly require services that have yet to be developed but the market for them will soon be huge.»


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