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The Challenge

To select the best projects that meet one of the eight goals, a three-stage process has been implemented.

Applicants are under no obligation to take part in all three phases. Based on their project's state of progress, they may choose to request financing from the start-up phase onwards, or only submit their project during the second phase.

These calls for projects are open to all companies, large and small, French and foreign, who wish to set up shop in France:

  • French companies (both large and small) within the meaning of Articles 1832 et seq. of the Civil Code, which are registered with the Trade Registry. They may be in the process of being set up; or
  • Foreign companies that wish to set up shop in France. The aid contract can only be signed, however, with a company within the meaning of Articles 1832 et seq. of the Civil Code that is registered with the French Trade and Companies Registry; or
  • Consortiums that contain at least one company, as defined above. The lead firm in the consortium must be a company and will be the sole beneficiary of the aid. Consortiums may, but are not obliged to, include one or more research establishments as defined in Community regulations.

Phase I of the first Challenge, which was launched in 2013, took place between December 2013 and March 2014. Phase II was held between October 2014 and June 2015; Phase III will be launched in the near future.

The Second Challenge, which was announced by the French President, will be launched in September 2015 with the start of a new Phase I.

Phase I : start-up phase

The aim of Phase I is to select projects that meet the goals identified by the 2030 Innovation Commission prior to their development stage. More informations on Phase I

Phase II : Risk reduction

The aim of Phase II is to support promising company projects in wider-ranging development work. More informations on phase II.

Phase III : Industrialisation

The aim of Phase III is to select “winning” projects for each goal, and to support them during their industrialisation phase. More informations on phase III.


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