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SubSea Watcher (English)

DCNS is a world leader in naval defence and an innovative player in energy and in intelligent use of ocean resources. We believe that respect for the marine environment is a prerequisite to any exploration of ocean resources.

By using multiple underwater drones to monitor parameters in the water column, the soil, the ecosystem and the maritime zone, and by communicating this data in real time, SubSea Watcher (SSW) will provide scientists and industrial stakeholders with information that is critical to understanding the deep seabed.

SSW, with its significant energy autonomy and ability to pass broadband data from the seabed to the surface, as well as its partial decision-making autonomy, will provide an economical solution for carrying out studies.

SSW will consist of an IS layer – for simulating and interpreting data, but also for piloting drone missions – as well as a large number of innovative sensors for measuring the full set of a zone's physical/chemical parameters and biocoenosis.

SubSea Watcher is a collaborative project that includes a large number of SMEs, all of them experts in advanced undersea technologies.


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