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Phase II : risk reduction

The aim of Phase II is to support promising company projects in wider-ranging development work.

The main criteria used to select projects are as follows:

  • Degree of response to the Goal
  • Level of breakthrough of the innovation (technological or otherwise)
  • Robustness of the economic model, and of the business and financing plan presented
  • Potential benefits of the project in terms of business and jobs
  • Relevance of the marketing positioning of the innovative product or service
  • Credibility of the industrialisation phase and of the partners’ commercial objectives
  • Ability of the applicant to successfully carry out the project

In accordance with European regulations, selected projects will receive support for their innovation expenses ranging between €1m to €3m per project in the form of grants and reimbursable advances in balanced proportions.

Expenses that are eligible for this support include the costs of staff assigned to the project (who must be identified) in the following categories: researchers, engineers and technicians. The depreciation costs of R&D facilities and equipment are also eligible, as is work subcontracted to public or private laboratories. 

Agreements, which must be signed by all members of the consortium, will be ready for signature no later than three months after the decision and will be paid by Bpifrance.


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