Phase 2 : results

01. Energy storage
BAL2io Nanomakers designs, manufactures and markets nanometric powders that significantly increase the performance of all kinds of manufactured materials and industrial parts, i.e. polymers, metals, ceramics.
ECOSTOCK 1000 Eco-Tech Ceram specializes in developing eco-efficient ceramic materials for high temperature thermal storage applications (i.e. waste heat recovery, mass storage of electricity, solar power storage).
EnerBee EnerBee is a start-up that is developing a motion-based generator to replace fuel cells and batteries in public and industrial connected objects.
ERGOSUP (English) ERGOSUP is developing innovative and patented technology for storing and converting electricity into hydrogen based on zinc electrochemistry.
I-TEN (English) Set up in 2011 and managed by Fabien Gaben, the goal of the I-TEN project is to come up with a new manufacturing process to produce microbatteries in fully solid thin layers in the form of SMD components.
02. Recycling of metals
RELEASE Morphosis is a leader in the extraction and refining of rare and precious metals mainly from electric and electronic equipment in Europe.
REMETOX An electronic card is a treasure trove of rare, precious or strategic metals. In one ton of cards, there is up to one kilogramme of gold as well as tantalum, palladium, nickel, silver, cobalt, copper, and tin.
03. Development of marine resources
FONASURF (English) A winner during phase 1 with the FlexSeaMining project, Technip has also won phase 2 with the FONASURF project.
IMPULSE’AO (English) Led by Adionics, the IMPULSE’AO project (DESALAO during phase 1) is rolling out AquaOmnes®, a disruptive water deionisation/desalination technology to allow Water for All.
MELODI Creocean, which specializes in spatial planning project management, is a design and engineering firm dedicated to physical oceanography and the coastal and offshore environment.
04. Plant proteins and plant chemistry
AVALON (English) The Avalon project will help expand the value and volumes of France’s oil and protein production by diversifying and bolstering the offering of vegetable proteins according to the requirements of users’ markets:
Drop2Feed The Soufflet Group, an expert in the barley and wheat sector, is the leading private collector of cereals, with four million tons collected in France and more than one million tons collected abroad.
EVRYNSECT (English) A winner of phase 1 (Evrynsect), Ynsect use insects to bioconvert organic substrates, such as cereal byproducts, and transforms those insects into a sustainable nutrient resource for agro-industries and bioactive compounds for green chemistry.
G EN VIE (English) The world's fifth-largest sugar group, Tereos is specialised in processing sugar beet, sugar cane and cereals.
PLAISIR The goal of the Plaisir Project is to contribute to the emergence and structuring of a new microalgae based food-processing sector.
05. Personalised medicine
3DprintOs (English) Also a phase 1 winner, OsseoMatrix designs and manufactures tailored bioceramic implants to compensate for critical amounts of bone loss from craniomaxillofacial, dental and orthopaedic trauma.
EPIGENETIX (English) PicoSeq is a biotechnology startup based in Paris. It develops technologies for the genetic and epigenetic analysis of DNA and RNA including SIMDEQ TM (SIngle-molecule Magnetic DEtection and Quantification).
IGT (English) The aim of the IGT programme is to develop a generic method for the production of lentiviral gene therapy vectors to target industrial uses.
MAAT RAMP UP The MaaT Ramp Up Project will be developing a preventive and curative therapeutic solution to: reduce the risk of nosocomial infections; limit the spread of resistance to antibiotics; reduce the intestinal side effects of heavy treatments
MIS3D SURGIVISIO’s activity focuses on the research, development and marketing of innovative medical systems for 2D/3D imaging and for computer assisted surgery in the operating room.
VALVOPULSE Calcific Aortic Stenosis (CAS) affects two to twelve per cent of people over 65. Currently, surgery involving the replacement of the aortic valves is the only available medical response.
06. The silver economy
ALPS (English) H4D is an innovative French company that designs and manufactures telemedicine solutions.
C-Radar - phase 2 (English) Data Publica is one of the pioneers of open data and big data in France. Since 2014, the company has been concentrating on the C-Radar solution.
GERONEPH - phase 2 (English) PlugMed designs, develops and manufactures osseointegrated connectors that transfer electricity or fluids through the skin with fewer infection risks.
KEPA Robosoft is the recognised supplier of advanced robotic solutions for transport (people and goods), cleaning, research and healthcare.
LoxBox The goal of the LoxBox Project is to develop a breakthrough solution compared to current oxygenotherapy solutions. The project will clear the way for the manufacture of oxygen at patients’ home.
SUAVA UroMems has set a goal of designing, developing and marketing implantable innovative products that can improve older adults’ main everyday bodily functions.
07. Big Data
AGATHA Agatha is an automatic bidding platform arbitrated by algorithms in real time.
DREAM II Dreem, a young French neurotechnology company, is developing a sleep mask to improve the quality of sleep as well as daytime cognitive performance.
GLOSE GLOSE is a digital reading platform allowing Internet users to discover, buy, read and interact with eBooks on computers and Smartphones (web navigator, iOS and android).
MAC-LLOYD (English) The aim of the research programme is to develop a big data solution for professional sport through the partnership between Mac-Lloyd, an innovative startup and a winner in phase 1 of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge
MEData Lab The purpose of the MEData Lab project is to develop an analytic platform dedicated to data and connected health objects with a view to improving medical diagnostic and patient follow-up based on biophysiological data.
TRAXENS TRAXENS is an innovative company that develops a platform for the monitoring, coordination and security of the multimodal logistic chain.

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