Phase one :all resultats

AAA - Advanced Augmented Arthroscopy (English) A3 Surgical, a startup created in 2011 and managed by Laurence Chabanas and Stéphane Lavallée, is specialised in computer-assisted hip arthroscopy.
Alg&You (English) Alg&You is an innovation agency working on the technological advances required for the emergence of a spirulina and edible micro-algae sector.
Aston iTrade Finance (English) ASTON iTF puts Big Data to work for Fin Tech. Our IT solutions for rating, hedging and real-time financing are revolutionising the world of Business Financing 2.0.
BANKCARE (English) Anatec is a startup that is strongly focused on technological innovations connected to personal finances.
Big Data for professional sports Mac-Lloyd offers cutting-edge technologies in the area of professional sports, including motion sensors, video analysis and intelligent processing of Big Data by machine learning.
Binaural Hearing Aids (English) 3D Sound Labs is a startup based in Rennes which specialises in processing spatialized audio signals and which is set to market 3D audio headphones with motion sensors for the video, gaming and music markets.
BittleGoBig (English) Since it was set up in 2009, Bittle has been revolutionising business intelligence by making it more intuitive and accessible.
BOB (English) Biométhodes is a leading provider of bio-refineries technology to replace oil with non-food biomass to produce advanced biofuels and “biosourced” chemical compounds.
BRASSERIE DULION (English) Brasserie Dulion designs, manufactures and installs industrial solutions for the thermal processing of liquids and semi-liquids with biocatalysts using an innovative and patented technology.
BUDDY (English) Blue Frog Robotics designs and sells affordable robots for assistance and entertainment.
C-Radar (English) C-Radar wants to assemble part or all data available on the majority of the world's businesses and create a single tool for processing it.
CATHARSIS (english) IRLYNX designs and sells optoelectronics systems for advanced detection and characterisation of the activity of human beings.
CellForLife (English) The use of living cells to treat patients, replace animal testing and perfect new treatments is flourishing.
CELLPRO (English) Chamtor, the starch-glucose producer of the Vivescia cooperative group, which is based in north-eastern France, transforms and processes 450,000 tons of wheat per year.
Check@Flash (English) StreamVision has designed a medical chair providing quick medical diagnosis.

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