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Phase 2: « Risk Reduction » Funding Phase

Entrepreneurs, do you have a rapidly developing project, for one or multiples products, process or service, not yet available on large markets and with disrupting technology? Are you already or planning to settle your company in France?

Apply to  the second “Risk reduction” phase of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge, from December, 2nd, 2016 to February 15th, 2017!

The Worldwide Innovation Challenge selects, within the framework of a competitive process in favor of SME(s) and novel ideas, companies’ projects presenting major innovations so as to create tomorrow’s industry leaders! The selected projects foster a particularly strong potential for the French economy.

The « Risk Reduction » Funding Phase

The Innovation 2030 Commission has announced the continuation of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge and has opened the second phase of this challenge until February 15th, 2017.

Around 30 projects will be selected and will each receive between €1 and €3M in financial support, grants and repayable advances.

How to participate

To participate, further information can be found on this website:

The challenge is open to all types of companies, existing or in early stages, French or international with a will to settle its innovation in France.

The project must match one of the eight goals listed below :

  • energy storage;
  • collecting, sorting and recycling materials;
  • development of marine resources, metals and seawater desalination;
  • development of plant protein-based food products and plant chemistry projects aiming to produce new materials;
  • personalized medicine - Individualized targeted therapeutic interventions based, for example, on genomics, medical devices and/or high-resolution imagery;
  • silver economy – answering the elderly’s needs;
  • big Data – Improved use of big data and definition of new usages, analytical models and promotion;
    public security and protection against threats.

To be eligible, the project must also follow these various constraints:

  • have as a goal the development of one or multiples products process or service not yet available on the market and with disruptive technologies.
  • possess a clear and realistic business plan attesting of the credibility of the commercialization objectives.
  • present eligible amount of investments of at least €2M.
  • be supported by a private company (the project leader).

Laureates of the first phase of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge are greatly encouraged to participate. However, it is not a requirement to have participated in the first phase to apply to the second phase.






Contact for participants

Bpifrance : Franck Bernard - 01 41 79 88 10

Bpifrance : Jean-Claude Carlu - 01 41 79 91 50

DGE : Mathieu Landon - 01 44 97 32 57


Press contact

  • Commissariat général à l’investissement :

Fabrice HERMEL:
01 42 75 64 43

  • Bpifrance :

Nathalie POLICE :
01 41 79 95 26

  • Image 7, pour Anne Lauvergeon

Roxane Planas / Grégoire Lucas :
01 53 70 74 58


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