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PhageX (English)

PhageX is developing eligobiotics – innovative active agents to eliminate harmful bacteria in an extremely targeted manner while leaving the rest of the microbiome untouched. One of the strengths of eligobiotics is their ability to eliminate antibiotic-resistant bacteria in cases where current solutions are ineffective. The proofs-of-concept were validated in-vivo on mice infected with Staphylococcus aureus; now, PhageX wants to expand its antibacterial arsenal to gain access to new markets and applications, including therapeutic, industrial and cosmetic. PhageX is being set up at the Pasteur Institute, and it has four cofounders: Xavier Duportet, a PhD student at MIT-INRIA and the project's leader, David Bikard, head of the Synthetic Biology lab at the Pasteur Institute, Tim Lu of MIT and Luciano Marraffini of Rockefeller University.



Project leader: Xavier Duportet




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