Personalised medicine : résultats de la première phase

AAA - Advanced Augmented Arthroscopy (English) A3 Surgical, a startup created in 2011 and managed by Laurence Chabanas and Stéphane Lavallée, is specialised in computer-assisted hip arthroscopy.
CellForLife (English) The use of living cells to treat patients, replace animal testing and perfect new treatments is flourishing.
Corsin (English) Proteor SAS is focused on compensating physical disabilities. It is the leading company in France for treating scoliosis with corsets.
Dreem (English) In modern societies, our sleep is shortened and degraded by stress and productivity constraints. The consequences of this on our health and our bodies have been greatly underestimated.
DRUID (English) Antibiotic resistant bacteria are a major public health concern. Fast and accurate diagnosis of resistances is critical for adapting treatments to each patient.
EXOBOX / ALIOSCOPY Exobox is a virtual hyperreality device in which a 3D image appears to float in front of the user. Images can be manipulated in real time, as if they were actual objects.
INSPECT (English) Inserting a stent is the standard treatment to prevent a heart attack triggered by coronary disease. Instent is developing an intelligent stent that can assess and communicate the state of the blood vessel being treated
Metemis (English) Using original technology co-developed with the CEA in Grenoble, Metemis designs and develops miniaturised chemical concentration sensors that are 25 to 50 times smaller than those of the competition, and have much higher performance levels.
Neuronaute (English) The Internet of Things, Big Data, machine learning and smart clothing are at the heart of a new technological world.
ONE FOR YOU (English) OneOrtho, a startup created in 2013, is currently developing a digital platform for virtualising bone models with an eye to defining and perfecting implant forms adapted to each patient.
PAQSIN (English) Cystic fibrosis is the most widespread potentially fatal genetic disease in Europe, occurring in one out of 2,500 live births.
PhageX (English) PhageX is developing eligobiotics – innovative active agents to eliminate harmful bacteria in an extremely targeted manner while leaving the rest of the microbiome untouched.
SMARTT-E-Patch (English) Rhenovia Pharma is an SME based in Mulhouse. It was set up in 2007 by four experienced researchers (two academics and two from the manufacturing sector) who are interested in combating central nervous system disorders.
SURGIMAGE-3D (English) Surgivisio is developing a 3-D imaging system for use in operating theatres, and which is entirely integrated with surgical navigational technologies (spinal column, trauma surgery, etc.).
Valvopulse (English) Five percent of those over 65 suffer from heart valve disease, which, if not treated, is fatal in 50–70% of cases. Valvular heart diseases are treated by open-heart surgery.

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