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Creocean, which specializes in spatial planning project management, is a design and engineering firm dedicated to physical oceanography and the coastal and offshore environment. The special feature of the firm is its ability to conduct studies ranging from the acquisition of data at sea to detailed project specifications, required procedures, design and project engineering.

The goal of the project is the medium term design of an industrial pilot for the exploration of inactive hydrothermal sulphides in deep water. Given current exploration techniques, the estimation of mineral resources in the great ocean depths is fettered by technological, methodological and financial blocks. Estimating the resources requires two stages, i.e. target detection and characterization. The Melodi (Magnetic and Electromagnetic Ore Detection) Project has set a goal of removing the blocks by offering innovative exploration techniques on the regional (detection) and local (characterization) scale, compatible with an industrial objective to efficiently explore the ocean depths.




Headed by Jean-Marc Sornin


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