Sqreen is an automated tool to protect web applications. It installs in 30 seconds without altering the source code or redirecting traffic. It is continually improved thanks to the millions of events detected in the community.

CAT EYE XP LHERITIER CAT EYE XP is an ultraportable connected color camera. It offers extremely high performance for the protection of persons and property allowing day or night facial identification within a range of 200 m and visibility within a range of 15 km.



This comprehensive drone detection system is the first effective solution to the growing threat posed by civilian drones. Our optical and radiofrequency analytics enable tracking and identification of all types of drones.



CyberCPU+ technology gives processor cores resiliency against cyber-attacks by implementing significantly accelerated anti-intrusion and detection methods to offset the vulnerabilities of currently available software solutions.



Olea Innovation develops active systems for safeguarding and protecting premises, retarding intrusions and blast protection. These systems address changing threats and meet the operational needs of the sector.



The purpose of the PUNGA project is to design the pilot of a surveillance platform for a fleet of smart vehicles. The aim of the platform is to achieve early-stage detection of attempts to breach vehicle onboard networks or the network connecting vehicles to the operator, then to facilitate the response to the incident.

REFA-NG LEXSI Based on behavioral analysis, REFA-NG offers a new approach to real-time detection of digital fraud. It is transparent for users, compatible with any web platform and enhanced with self-learning functionalities.
SGSAN Egidium Technologies Egidium develops a digital security and safety supervision tool designed for centralized control centers of buildings frequented by the public (e.g.: airports and train stations). A demonstrator pilot is planned at Paris Orly airport with the support of Aéroports de Paris (Paris Airport Authority).

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