Silver economy






Auxivia develops innovative services aimed at improving the quality of care for elderly patients who can no longer live independently. The first service available consists in the monitoring and traceability of patients' fluid intake in nursing homes.

BAPAF Co-assist Co-assist develops a wristwatch with an alert system that automatically detects falls and wandering by disoriented individuals. It operates in the home and outside with an energy autonomy of several months rather than the usual two days.



SafeHeal designs and develops an innovative medical device called Colovac, a flexible bypass sheath to protect scar tissue resulting from colorectal tumor ablation. Colovac dispenses from the need for artificial anuses.

DINOCAH OROSOUND Orosound has designed the first Active Noise Control earphones that improve well-being and efficiency in open-space areas. Our technology cancels ambient noise but not useful conversations, and thus can afford a solution for seniors with hearing problems.



Drawing on world-renowned research by the company’s co-founders Serguei Fetissov and Pierre Déchelotte, TargEDys will develop new healthy food and pharmaceuticals based on the scientists’ discoveries, namely, the microbiome’s ability to regulate appetite and thereby protect or restore metabolic health.

LIFE PLUS LIFE PLUS SAS Life Plus develops a connected health/activity/safety wristwatch designed for seniors and for chronically ill patients. The aim is to improve day-to-day life for seniors as well as healthcare aides through this simple and innovative solution.


Digital for Mental Health

MyndBlue develops a technology for remote detection and prevention of mood disorders, including among seniors, via a smart device.

NCP-CIT CITRAGE CITRAGE proposes to develop an unprecedented nutraceutical to combat age-related muscular dystrophy in order to support the independence and quality of life of elderly patients and allow them to remain in their homes for as long as possible.



A personalized approach to medicine for the development of treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.



Neuradom designs and develops a neuro-rehabilitation program in the patients' familiar environment. It is based on an innovative augmented-reality device for people who suffer a loss of independence due to cognitive/motor disorders.



The aim of the NovaPulse research program conducted by CorWave is to develop a new type of minimally-invasive cardiac assist pump designed to treat seniors who suffer from chronic heart failure.



Percko develops a new connected device to combat backache. It tracks postural changes by means of sensors built into the device. The user is informed via a “friendly” application that presents gauges, graphs and exercises.

QYNAPSE PREDICT QYNAPSE SAS This software issues a 3-year prognosis for Alzheimer’s disease and related syndromes based on analyses of MRI images and machine-learning technologies, so as to allow more targeted clinical trials and more personalized patient care strategies.
THERAVC Acticor Biotech Acticor Biotech develops the first drug for emergency treatment of ischemic stroke that dissolves blood clots without inducing bleeding. In Europe, more than 650,000 people per year suffer from an ischemic stroke.



The Walk-E robot helps elderly patients transfer from sitting to standing position and walk. It is tailored specifically to the needs of those who can no longer use the conventional devices to get around independently.


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