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Exobox is a virtual hyperreality device in which a 3D image appears to float in front of the user. Images can be manipulated in real time, as if they were actual objects. If the image is of an organ, for example, a surgeon could use it to prepare every aspect of an operation in advance.

The idea for Exobox came out of a need expressed by IRCAD and its subsidiary, Visible Patient, which offers cutting-edge 3D reconstructions of patients. The goal is to equip surgeons with a revolutionary tool to help with pre-op planning, but also to give medical students a sophisticated learning environment. Any 3D model can be used, regardless of its source.

The Exobox contains an Alioscopy glasses-free 3D display, on which images appear to float, thanks to a set of mirrors and lenses. Alioscopy was a pioneer in glasses-free 3D imagery, and is at the cutting edge of technology in this area.





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