Goal 7 - Big Data






From a website address (URL), ADMAD automatically generates targeted, intelligible and attractive ads using semantic and language-generation algorithms that can adapt to all types of content and process thousands of products per second.

BlockchainMoteur Challenger Deep Kaiko organizes Bitcoin's information to help businesses succeed by providing data, insights and services.
DIDEROT STUPEFLIX Diderot is an artificial intelligence project aimed at creating the world’s first smart video encyclopaedia able to answer user queries in seconds by automatically generating videos from the vast trove of data available on the web.



The purpose of the Lifen project is to support improvements in medical practices by facilitating data flows and by automating data handling tasks on a large scale. Lifen is one of the early phases of the development of the Honestica platform.

ITCM Occi SAS Occi transposes e-commerce technologies (A/B testing, personalized real-time ads, interest retargeting) to brick-and-mortar retail stores by using indoor geolocation, which allows observation of customer behavior in real time.



The Meteo*SWIFT project centers on developing machine-learning tools to forecast wind power production (to manage intermittency and better integrate wind power into the energy mix), and ensure both technical and economic optimization of wind farms.


Qapa SA

Development of a platform for low-skilled or unskilled individuals to choose the training option that will accelerate their return to the workplace. The platform analyzes in real time the gaps between their skills and those most in demand in their job market.

SCALAB REGAIND To enable consumers and businesses to use their photos without spending hours sorting them, Regaind develops artificial intelligence capabilities to automatically identify aesthetic and/or significant images.


DataBerries, SAS

DataBerries has developed a mobile marketing solution for retail stores that generates more in-store visits by taking advantage of disruptive mobile and machine-learning technologies.

ZeBra in


With performance exceeding that of the best PCs, ZeBrain the artificial intelligence computer incorporating state-of-the-art electronic and software technologies, provides more power to handle Big Data, with lower energy consumption.


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