Energy storage: result first phase

NAWAShell (English) NAWATechnologies designs, manufactures and markets electricity storage devices in the form of supercapacitors which are a thousand times faster than lead-acid batteries.
Nexcap (English) The aim of the Nexcap project is to use a ground-breaking two-dimensional nanocrystal technology to design a new generation of batteries with an ultra-fast charge/discharge cycle.
RHyMove (English) A major problem with electric vehicles is their lack of range. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can provide a solution.
Stolect (English) The aim of the Stolect project is to empirically demonstrate the feasibility of mass electricity storage technology based on thermal conversion.
VISA WHYLOT is a startup that was founded in 2011 and which specialises in mechatronics.
VOSS (English) Project leader: Energiestro

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